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How to double the revenue of a company with a website

A won bet

After a rebranding work done in 2017, Daku, a company specialized in rooftop gardens, became the leader in thei industry. The website done gave Daku the ability to compete in the international market getting bigger and complexer projects. This growth demanded new features to their website and a more “human friendly” approach.

An interactive and customized web experience


For the development of the website we used a Single Page Application approach: the page transitions are super fast which makes navigation very comfortable and fluid.



A tailor made website

Since the begining it was clear that Dakus demands couldn’t be satisfied by conventional solutions, so we realized a dedicated CMS.

Videos and Support,
the new Focuses of Daku

In order to ease the relations between the customers and the company we created a bookng system where the user can book a meeting directly with the respective area manager, all syncronized with the managers Outlook calendar.
We made uploading videos a breeze through a deep integration of the Vimeo API’s into the website. In this way Daku can manage all their videos in one place.

A story started as a entrepreneurial bet wich eventually became a steady success reality and a landmark for the industry.

Marino Fantin, CEO Daku Italia

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