Cool Mind - Make your Brand Great! Cool Mind - Make your Brand Great!


Our team is composed by an Art Director, a Production Manager, digital and graphic artists, copywriters, videomakers and photographers.


We create and realize VIDEOS (commercials, docu-films, short movies, social clips), PHOTOS (outdoor and indoor campaigns, look book, still-life, e-commerce) and the whole BRAND image.


We have a shooting space where we are able to realize contents (photo and video shootings, look book, social contents) that give high production-value to our clients brands.


We carry on the whole production cycle of visual-content: from the creative idea to its production, till promotion.


Here you can find a resident Make up artist, a company that sells photographic equipment, and also the chance to rent a workstation in coworking.

Cool Mind

This is our name, it's who we are and what we work with. We go to great lengths to make our ideas stand out from all others.

We have style, our own style.

We will create a custom brand identity just for you, with a strong personality that knows how to speak the language of your customers and how to get those "oohs and ahhs" your brand deserves. For you we will design a communication plan that has a fresh and youthful voice and contains effective strategies at the same time. Eye-catching graphics mean nothing without methodically developed content.


We are determined young people who achieve shared goals, we are both fun and professional - two qualities that do not have to be conflicting. We are happy to work hard in an environment where creativity is stimulated daily and productivity is fed by harmonious relationships..

We work well together and we do beautiful things for a clear purpose. Actually, three..


Starting with us: a growing, expandable and integrated team of young professionals who put all their abundant energy into Cool Mind. A horizontal agency in which everyone is important because of their unique qualities.

Through our style: enthusiasm and positivity are poured into our passionate eyes and make us create visual content of great impact.

All the way to you: we want to make you ever happier.

Cool Mind